The Skinny Showcase: Good Wives and Warriors

Gallery | 20 Oct 2008

Good Wives and Warriors are a creative partnership between Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell, who met while studying at Glasgow School of Art. Rebecca means ‘good wife’ and Louise means ‘warrior’, and together they create weird and wonderful illustrations and sprawling wall paintings.
They have curated and participated in exhibitions in Sweden, Scotland, Belgium, the US and South America, and continue to work on illustrations using their experimental collaborative approach. Until recently the pair worked out of a small shed in the Studio Warehouse in Glasgow but the Fates intervened and now Becky is based in Melbourne. Not to be put off by a few time-zones, the collaboration is still going strong.
This summer Good Wives and Warriors took their favourite black paint to the American continents, gathering imagery and ideas along the way to feed into their large, image-heavy paintings. The trip began with Euro Vision, a group show in  San Francisco, passed through Peru, and then Bolivia, before finishing in Argentina where they spent all night painting a giant cock-rocket in front of a live, amused audience in Buenos Aires.
The Skinny Showcase’s knack for picking the stars of tomorrow continues, as just this week we heard that Good Wives and Warriors have been selected for the YIA Young Illustrators Award, an international award and exhibition in Zurich in October. 20 illustrators/ artists are selected from around the world each year to receive the awards, so Becky and Louise are understandably pretty chuffed to have been chosen.
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