The Skinny Showcase: Fiona Beveridge

Gallery | 06 Aug 2014

Showcase: Fiona Beveridge

"My practice is an ongoing exploration of human-object interaction, working with material that is manufactured primarily to develop perceptions through the senses. I like to playfully approach malleable toys and sensory products, investigating their texture and stretchy consistency. Although in reality they are not living, their disorganised pattern and form gives them lifelike qualities. I am curious about synesthesia and how our different senses can blend together to create an idea of surrealism from simply looking at a specific colour or shape.

"I explore the visual aesthetics of my collected materials through line drawing. It allows me to develop ideas into three-dimensional structures while thinking about the space they will inhabit. I use sculptural and painting methods as well as film and sound to make the familiar become unfamiliar, challenging the roles of these objects and the spaces they occupy. Light reflecting materials are used to reveal parts of the air as luminous fragments of colour.

"While I mostly use found and shop-bought products, I am also influenced by elements of nature, particularly the growing process of plants. It fascinates me how natural systems can adapt and alter their own structures to account for new forces and therefore form new orders.

"I mix household and face paints and fabric dyes to create my own palette for applying colour on to surfaces. These include neon rubbers, polystyrene, plaster, metal and odd shapes of broken plastic and rocks. I use mostly self-coloured objects and display them in ways that are disconnected from their original purpose by assembling the materials to become three dimensional drawings and installations.

"Purring Bubbles is a movie of two multi-coloured stress balls being squeezed and released in motion to a cats purr. This therapeutic influence is aimed at achieving a visually stimulated experience vitalised by colour and metamorphosis."


Purring Bubbles (Digital film)
Pollen Yolk (Rubber, polystyrene, wood)
Jam Piece (Household paint, polystyrene, rubber)
Lampshade Puff (Metal, clothes pegs, plastic sheet)


RSA New Contemporaries 2015


Edinburgh College of Art – BA Hons Sculpture (2014),
Edinburgh’s Telford College – HNC Contemporary Art Practice (2011), Foundation Art &
Design (2010).
Born: Lochgelly, Fife 1991.

Exhibiting in The Skinny Showcase, Creative Exchange, Edinburgh, 31 Jul-31 Aug, Free. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival