The Skinny Showcase: Eleanor Stewart

Gallery | 27 Oct 2009

Eleanor Stewart graduated this year from Glasgow School of Art. For her final year degree in Visual Communication she created an animated film to accompany the Classical music piece ‘Hoedown’ from the Rodeo Suite by Aaron Copland. It is a stop motion animation inspired by Cowboy and Western films. In it cowboys, horses and the Wild West are brought to life from the pages of the musical score. She uses animated paper cut outs from sheet music to capture the mood of Copland’s music. In response to her animation, one internet fan wrote,
“If a wee bit of the Old Copland doesn’t get your juices flowing on a Monday morning then you might want to check yourself for a pulse, my friend.”
Eleanor couldn’t agree more.
To watch the video in full, see
And to keep up with what she's working on, you'll find her blog at the address below: