The Skinny Showcase: Edward Humphrey

DJCAD graduate Ed Humphrey introduces his film work, showing in The Skinny Showcase exhibition in Creative Exchange as part of EAF

Gallery | 22 Jul 2014

Showcase: Edward Humphrey

Another Fiction is a two-screen film using borrowed and recorded speech to explore the necessity of conceptual frameworks to our understanding of a complex reality. Disparate voices come and go, expressing often quite uncomfortable ideas into a cocoon-like exhibition space. The images are discordant, but like the belief mechanism the work considers, once you stop resisting, it starts to make sense; and your own connections fill in the blanks.

The film explores the distance between abstract thought, language, and material existence, The two free-standing screens suggest certain abstract connections between the ideas, but they only really resolve once the tumbling words have run dry.

In the video Birdbrain, garden birds play on a small television in the gallery while two amateur twitchers have an intermittent chat via standing speakers; a complete reorientation of the actual event, positioning the viewer somewhere in-between. 

The text print works are an experiment with people's expectations of gallery labels, swapping out the usual blurb for an abstractly related short story or anecdote.

After looking at the origins and necessity of myth I'm going to explore the imaginative possibilities of it, in a new film. Given we need intellectual frameworks to be able to function, what is the scope for a different imaginative experience of our day-to-day environment? 

The captions under the films stills are snippets of the dialogue you hear while that part of the film is playing.