The Skinny Showcase: Daniel P. Irwin

Gallery | 26 Nov 2008

This month's Showcase, painter Daniel P. Irwin, in his own words:
"And it beats me. Fevered surfaces. Rolled harsh words. Black fucked fist. Sweet things. Wide-eyed and facing the music. Terror. Beauty and dear God. Sensuous and intelligent. Hard and soft, simultaneously flat and deep. Unsympathetic, ominous. Spit – soured.  Vexed, shit-gripped. Horrible low brutality – punky, culty, unpleasant. Black. Holding your breath. Choked. Brutal harshness and intimate coaxing tenderness. Bastard smile. Pretty blush. Hungry. Single to my fingers. Sad songs. Wide-eyed and facing the music. Hot, clinging, wet.  Love and all manner of filth.”
 "My work occupies a space between physicality and desire. It suggests evasive narratives of seduction, emotional fragility and lost love, whilst vearing headlong from the overbearingly aggressive and fearful to intimate, coaxing tenderness. Poetic nihilism, rarefied elegance. Decadent, pornographic, sensuous and clever, the work elicits strong reactions from its audience: revulsion, shock or laughter."
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