The Skinny Showcase: Amy Stevenson

Gallery | 13 Jan 2016

Amy Stevenson is an artist based in Manchester whose practice often attaches itself to ideas of commodity fetishism. Sculptures multiply, often becoming immersive installations where poetic and critical relationships between objects are examined and territories are crossed.

“There’s some really messed up stuff going on in the world, and some really beautiful stuff too. I like to think my work is reflective of this tension somehow – it’s a lot to do with balance. We’re surrounded by a kind of seductive trickery, so it’s easy to lose grasp of what’s real and of true value. But, in the overused words of Bill Hicks, ‘It’s just a ride,’ and that very sentiment of going with the flow is pretty much what drives my creative process – that mentality is always present when things are working.

How much is too much?

“Working across mediums, my process is very much about organising objects, ideas and colors in space, until a sense of (disjointed) balance is achieved.

“My works are underpinned by a fixation with the coexistence of the natural and man-made. I’m really interested in fickle consumerist attitudes along with the manipulation and simulation of the natural world; how mankind situates itself within the environment – shaping and shifting it.

“The work both engages with and disrupts hierarchical systems – repetitive symbols and ideas are presented, through which a reordered reality may be contemplated.

What is Reality anyway?

Hoodwinked by spectacle and capitalist agendas – perhaps things become mixed up?"

Amy Stevenson is currently exhibiting as part of Institution | Outstitution at The International 3, Salford, until 29 Jan 
Instagram: damnaddict