Ettie Wyatt Gosebruch: The Skinny Showcase

Gallery | 10 Mar 2016

Ettie Wyatt Gosebruch is a photographer originally from London, currently living and working in Leeds. Her work looks at the role of ambiguity and illusion within photography of the mundane and everyday. Contrast and opposition is often the subject of her work, exploring difference, similarity and compatibility between two or more components of an image.

The photographic series Alloy has developed from research around the link between imaging and its perception by the viewer. An alloy is the result of a fusion between two materials, here one of photographic elements.

Photographic images can be technically manipulated and distorted, leading to the widely held distrust in their authenticity. And still – photography as truthful depiction of reality is a persuasive concept, and these images play with it.

By joining two entirely individual elements a composite is created. The balancing of these previously created components becomes the making of an image. Juxtapositions can create false relationships between the elements, or a quietly different version of reality. New associations, connections and meanings are hinted at. A sudden appearance of perspective (or a yellow plastic bucket) within an apparently flat composite plays with the perception of truth.

Certain images within the series are not composites, however through similar appearances and compositions these images can be falsely read as composites, further broadening the gap between reality and illusion.

The images are taken in today’s urban environment without hint at a specific location. The process of production involves an aspect of trial and error, gradually selecting from large random bodies of images. Decisions are not purely based on aesthetics but upon the active relationship between components. The sequenced components often match in scale and ratio, and so by disguising the seam begin to create an entirely constructed version of reality.

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