Artists' Christmas Cards 2016: The Skinny Showcase

The Skinny's artists' Christmas Cards, contributed by the fantastic illustrators, photographers and designers who make our magazine look amazing every month. Happy Christmas!

Feature by The Skinny | 09 Dec 2016

Scroll through this year's artists' Christmas cards in the gallery above, and find out more about the artists behind the creations below.

Terri Po
'Illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art. A metaphorical nuclear fusion reactor for strange things and happy colours.'

Fran Caballero
'I'm a Glasgow School of Art painting and printmaking graduate who works in illustration, when I'm not taking part in a spot of soul-crushing bartending.'

Sarah Bissell
'Sarah is an illustrator working in Edinburgh that loves all things colourful. She is currently setting up a risograph printing business under the name Gutter Press. Her design is a comment on our crap year, but with less of the doom and gloom we've been hearing about, although she's still sure Bowie was the one responsible for the world's more stable equilibrium.'

Jake Hollings
'I'm Jake and I'm a London based illustrator and printmaker. I enjoy building my images as though they were a print, using overlapping layers of colour. My style combines organic shapes, graphic elements and textures collaged together to create a final image. I take inspiration from documentaries, nature & world news. My favourite things are frosty mornings, Spotify and The World Cup.'

Eunjoo Lee
'BA Hongik university Communication design (Scholarship), MA Glasgow School of Art Communication design (Scholarship). Now working with several magazines in U.K and Korea as illustrator.'

Aimee Chang
'Aimee Chang is a freelance illustrator/ animator from Taipei, now based in New York. She creates quirky and surreal works that concretize the emotion and abstract concept. She usually works digitally with mix media including ink, acrylic, and collage. Her works were selected in Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibit, International Motion Art Awards, ICON9 Motion Commotion, etc. Visit her website at and @e.e___c on Instagram.'

Stella Murphy
'Stella Murphy, 23, is a recent graduate, London-born but currently based in Glasgow. "I draw inspiration from galleries, museums and popular culture. I call this piece 'kiss my butt'".'

Sarah Kirk
'I'm an illustrator based in Oxford who is dead excited for Christmas. I like quirky ideas and creating atmosphere in my work by combining traditional drawing and painting with a contemporary twist.'

Josie Sommer
'Josie Sommer is an illustrator originally from the North East. Her work draws on literature, music and art history. Recent projects have included zines, the Anyone Can Play Guitar series in Loud and Quiet and a children’s book about Marcel Duchamp.'

Andrew Denholm
'I am a freelance illustrator from Melrose, Scotland but live in London. I like to create illustrations with a sense of humor and fun. '