Urs Fischer - Oh. sad. I see.

It's difficult to work out what the point is

Article by Suzanne Hart | 12 Dec 2006
Artists' obsessions with their studios can only really be compared to the craze for YouTube of teenage boys singing along to Kylie or waving a light saber. We know what these people do, we know what they're interested in. Do we really need another voyeuristic glimpse at them and their surroundings? In this show, Urs Fischer recreates items from his studio - a cigarette packet, a palette, an espresso cup - in three dimensions, screen printing a two-dimensional representation of them onto beech cubes. Swirling over them is a long, blue doodle, curling around the two rooms of the gallery. It's difficult to work out what the point is. The studio notes are typically bamboozling, full of references to 'finite objects of ultimate authority'. The show is, I suggest, a peaen to artistic creation, the blue doodle representing the free flowing creativity that transcends the prosaic world of objects. [Suzanne Hart]
Modern Institute, Glasgow until 16 Dec. Free.