Torsten Lauschman

The non-sequiturs both baffle and attract

Article by Chris Simmons | 13 Oct 2006
After a great exhibition at the Glasgow International and several high-visibility appearances, Lauschman seems to be turning into one of the most exciting artists working within Glasgow. His work has an odd, mesmeric quality, sending the viewer on a series of double takes or forcing sudden realisations upon them. Here, he has exhibited a work called 'self portrait as a pataphysical object' which is a chandelier-like object, made from tiny bulbs and wires. Beneath it a peacock pecks at tiny gold strips, sumptuous beneath such an austere self-portrait. He has also made a film, entitled 'The Mathematician,' which is an animated face made from numbers, and a film of a contorted woman trying to write on a notebook whilst a brash geometric pattern swirls behind her. The non-sequiturs both baffle and attract, with a
general sense of perplexed intellect pervading the show. This is a great looking, intellectually vigorous show from a brilliant artist. [Chris Simmons]
Mary Mary, Glasgow until October 6.