TLC: Table, Light and Chair

TLC is an eclectic collection of pieces that reinterprets the holy trinity of furniture design

Article by Colan Mehaffey | 15 Jun 2006
A collective of Edinburgh based academics has taken it upon themselves to dispel the myth that the study of design precludes creation, and the fruits of their labours can be seen in Glasgow's Lighthouse. TLC is an eclectic collection of pieces by 'glass box', a troupe of tutors from Napier University who set themselves the task of reinterpreting the holy trinity of furniture design: the table, light and chair. Whilst there is a singularity of theme, there is a pleasing aesthetic plurality to the responses of the various participants to the brief, with points of reference visible from eras of design throughout the last century. Will Titley's recasting of the mass manufactured interior furnishing of post World War 2 Britain lies in contrast to Euan Winton's humorous contemporary street furniture. The work of Paul Rodgers also stands out with its examination of societal fascination with the cult of celebrity, the names of designers illuminated through boxed lights.
In UK terms Glass Box are unique, and only the Droog collective from Eindhoven University offer any kind of an equivalent on a European scale. This is an all too rarely seen case of academics using their knowledge to inform and inspire creativity and, as such, should be lauded. [Colan Mehaffey]
Runs until May 18 at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.