The Scottish Show 2007

the show juxtaposes high quality art with prospects of prototyping for commercialism

Article by Yasmin Jilaihawi | 10 Jun 2007

The Scottish Show represents an interdisciplinary cross-section of homegrown design talent, and is the main 'national exhibition' for the crosscountry Six Cities design festival. Showcasing designers as varied as architects, fashion and textile designers, glassmakers, illustrators and graphic designers; even furniture makers – the show juxtaposes high quality art with potential commercial prototypes. There is an element of the bespoke about all that is on display, and an attention to detail and quality in design and execution is expressed in everything from bookshelves to bracelets.

The show operates under the auspices of festival-endorsed product design, and offers a range of specially-commissioned limited edition souvenirs which are closely matched with the exhibits. There are also a few installation art pieces, among which highlights include Donna Wilson's knitted Weather installation which ascribes humour and tactility to a skyscape.

This is a show of exhibits and products, a show of endpoints, not medium or process. Though those interested in the latter are invited to mould their own ideas in an interactive clay area, it seems a shame that the show offers sparse information about the working methods and inspiration of these mould-breaking designers, aside from brief biographies and show descriptors. Something to take away from the show, though, is a sense of the vibrancy and diversity of the design scene, along with - should you fancy - the cachet of an optional limited edition souvenir. [Yasmin Jilaihawi]

Scottish Show 2007 Runs 17 May Ð 12 August at The Lighthouse, Glasgow
Six Cities Design Festival runs 17 May Ð 3 June 2007, events across Scotland

The Scottish Show For Sale Ð available to view online