Scotland+Venice Diaries: One team leaves, another arrives

As our team of IAs are getting ready to leave Venice (new team to arrive soon), Emma, Fran and Alex throw in a bit of self-promotion to show us what else they've been up to these past few weeks...

Blog by Emma Ewan | 11 Oct 2011

We’ve had a busy few weeks organising some exciting events and getting to know yet more new teams from the other pavilions as we count down to the end of our stay in Venice.

Each of us undertook a project relating to our studio work: Emma held a drawing exhibition in our favourite bar, Fran organised the building of a shelter on the Lido and Alex has been developing new collage work to be presented online. You can see everything we’ve been up to on our blog here.

In the rush to cram in the final exhibitions we have come across some gems including The Heard and The Unheard; Taiwan’s ‘soundscape’ installation where two artists, Hong-Kai Wang and Yu-Hsein Su, use the medium of sound to explore political and social issues in Taiwan.

During the last few days we have welcomed Team 3 of the Scotland + Venice gang, giving them a crash course in everything from looking after the gallery to finding the best places to eat and drink.

Tomorrow we pass you over to Ash Reid, Amy Dolan, Lauren McGhee and John Kellock as we head back to normality.