Luke Fowler- The Modern Institute

Article by Nick Q | 17 Mar 2006
A homecoming for the globetrotting wunderkind, Fowler's exhibition at the gallery that represents him sees a showing of his film 'Pilgrimage from Scattered Points.' Dealing with the work of The Scratch Orchestra, an avant-garde group of musicians who worked during the sixities, it continues his fascination with figures that work outside the mainstream, pursuing idiosyncratic practices and innovative ways of working. This film, true to his intuitive method of working, is a collage of found footage, slogans and ephemera that, in the fabric of its construction, imitates the working practice of its subject. Fowler is a gifted film-maker, managing to elevate his work beyond the limitations of traditional documentary film, and this exhibition is interesting both as an exposition of its subject and as a work in its own right. Worthy work from the Becks' Futures nominee. [Nick Q]
Modern Institute, Until March 18.