Low Salt - Rack 'n' Ruin

a statement on the decay and span of Glaswegian dysfunctional relationships

Article by Fraser Cardow | 15 Jun 2006
Featuring mid career artists, this gallery continues its brief moment of prominence, holding its own in a Glasgow which is artistically alight. This 3rd exhibition sees the artists being given space and invited to consider a unified theme. What emerges is Rack 'n' Ruin, a statement on the decay and span of dysfunctional Glaswegian relationships. The simple and outwardly cold pieces strike a mournful note of accepted discontent and have a satisfyingly non-abstract depth. This discord is spoken of in the traditional German marriage-divining lead casts, which pour simply from the walls like encroaching decay, but with beautiful intent. Stuart Murray's portrait series of pub regulars and their quotes is downright hilarious and touchingly real. It gets up-close and personal as they drift away their lives and relationships in semi squalor. The show is clear and straight to the point, summing itself up by claiming that 'You don't spend your whole life eating shit in case you find a raisin.' [Fraser Cardow]
Exhibition now closed.