Fish and Game Launch

A great occasion and an auspicious hint of the work to come

Article by Rosie Capona | 15 Jun 2006
To celebrate the launch of 'Otter Pie,' a new piece being created at the Tramway with a Surge Commission by the group 'Fish and Game' (some of whom have previously worked as Reader), a village fete replete with games, tea and cakes, a raffle and the first of Eilidh's Daily Ukulele Ceilidhs, was held. Intended to consider the search for happiness in contemporary society, 'Otter Pie' will be worked on over the summer with a work in progress in October looking forward to the final unveiling of the performance in January. The fete, for which everybody turned up dressed in deer stalkers, tweed and other rural trappings, reflected the group's preoccupation with society's place within the environment. The group, in their previous incarnation, have worked at the CCA and around Glasgow so far, although I suspect they've not yet encouraged their audiences to play a game of whack-the-rat. A great occasion and an auspicious hint of the work to come, the fete was a quirky, charming way of introducing Fish and Game. Such Lovely cakes too! [Rosie Capona]
The Tramway, Glasgow, May 7.