David Julian Leonard

intelligent snapshots into Western culture

Article by Jennifer Felton | 16 Apr 2006

Currently on display in this New Town gallery are twenty-two wonderful examples of photography by David Julian Leonard. Sharp realism or misty romance, it's all here. Leonard manages to bring nostalgia, mystery and character to even the simplest still life. From a tenderly hazy scene of a woman in pink strolling on grass in Lady in the Camargue, to daunting scenes of post-Katrina New Orleans, his images reflect all aspects of life and nature. The exhibition space is the perfect backdrop for his work and each picture punches out from the white wall with vivid intensity. His creative use of coloured light in certain pictures reflects another of his talents as a lighting technician for directors such as Francis Coppola. These exquisite compositions avoid any hint of orchestration and appear to be natural, yet intelligent snapshots into Western culture. [Jennifer Felton]

Amber Roome, Edinburgh until April 6, free.