All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go,

Article by Jasper Hamill | 15 Jun 2006
This exhibition is an exchange with Broadway 1602, a gallery in New York, curated by Anke Kempes, who also wrote the rather excitable gallery notes that accompany the exhibition. The arcane paintings, drawings and collages, one of a group of sexually ambiguous dandies rendered in a style recalling fashion sketches, another a flurry of geometric shapes, powdery textures and semi-anthropomorphic shapes, are mildly diverting at best; alienating, confusing and brutally inconsequential at their worst. When identifying explicitly with the preoccupations of normative society - or the non-art world - the show is more effective. A bomber jacket, cast in white resin like Hans Solo frozen in carbon, is an almost-witty reification of fleeting trends and the most effective work which documents pedestrians' reactions to a pool of blood leaking from a door, perfectly encapsulates the spectacle of shock. Mostly dull but occasionally interesting, the show is too esoteric to be absolutely engaging. [Jasper Hamill]
Sorcha Dallas, Glasgow, Until June 24.