Vault @ The Briggait

Preview by Andrew Cattanach | 16 Aug 2011

Most artists would like to make a living from selling their work. Not having to do a boring job to supplement your art practice is for many the definition of success. The sad truth is, however, few artists sell much – if any – work for the majority of their careers. And even some of the currently most successful artists never made very much money until middle age.

The charity UZ Arts has teamed up with freelance curator Patricia Fleming Projects to help artists sell work. At the beginning of September they will present a temporary art event in Glasgow’s Briggait called Vault, where the focus is on the buying and selling of artwork.

Unlike Glasgow’s art fair of old, where any old gallery with enough money could sell all the photorealist paintings of Jack Nicholson they could manage, Vault is a curated event, with all galleries carefully picked by the team of organisers. From the well known Glasgow Print Studio to the modest IRONBRATZ, there’s every opportunity to bag a bargain, invest in the future of the Glasgow art scene, or splash out on an extravagant work by a Turner Prize nominee.

Among the 12 organisations taking part, David Dale Gallery will be selling work by up and coming painter Shaun O’Donnell – a sci-fi influenced Francis Bacon – and accomplished printmaker Sarah Jane Wright. Gallery SWG3 will be punting paintings by August Krogan-Roley and Alan Stanners. Those of you with a few more quid in your pocket can always try and get your hands on a print by renaissance man Alasdair Gray, Modern Institute-represented Scott Myles, or 80s Glasgow star Adrian Wiszniewski.

The Briggait 141 Bridgegate Glasgow G1 5HZ