Top Five Shows for July

Feature by Mr A Squirrel | 15 Jul 2006
1.Blurring the Neatline (Embassy Gallery, Edi) - Fifteen artists investigate the way in which we relate to the space we inhabit.

2. Schemie Centaurs (Analogue book shop, Edi) - Wideboy Centaurs, public service fauns and bitchy harpies by Kirsty Whiten.

3. Women and War (St Mungo Museum, Glas) - Photojournalism by Jenny Matthews.

4. Passport to Japan (McLean Museum and Gallery, Glas) - Exploring both traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.

5. Van Gogh and Britain (Dean Gallery, Edi) - The first Van Gogh exhibition in Scotland for over 50 years.