This Week in Scottish Art: 19-25 July

This week sees performance in Dundee from previous Showcaser Josée Aubin Oullette, Kathryn Elkin's new show Television (with a cameo from Dustin Hoffmann...), as well as events for Dovecot's Scottish Endarkenment

Article by Adam Benmakhlouf | 19 Jul 2016

Tue 19 Jul: Love is a Dart photo exhibition

The week kicks off with a new exhibition from Dundee collective Blue Sky Photo Club. Love is a Dart sees members produce photographic projects on areas of Dundee selected by throwing darts at a typographical map of the city. The results go on display at the Cowgate Underpass from 6pm, with an afterparty at Gallery 48 in the West Port from 7pm.

Thu 21 Jul: Civic Room, GENERATORprojects, Dovecot

What Was Here Before opens this Thursday in The Glue Factory from 6-8pm, as a partnership with the Glasgow School of Art. They're showing two recent MFA 2016 graduates, Sam Cook and Callum Monteith. Together, they're investigating "locality and place... both historical and social characteristics of the area in which Civic Room is located" on the High Street in Glasgow.

In Dundee on Thursday night from 7-9pm, there's a performance as part of the exhibition Residual at GENERATORprojects. For this event, Erik Osberg and Joseé Aubin Ouellette perform a series of short texts on "bodily, enivornmental, political and nutritional panic-attacks-cum-lamentations. They consider "the feeling of being allergic to the world and of powerlessness in the face of it." During her GI show this year, Aubin Ouellette contributed a suite of images and a text as part of the Skinny Showcase, see it here.

The Scottish Endarkenment exhibition at Dovecot Gallery continues this week in Edinburgh – read our interview with Bill Hare on his view that Scottish contemporary art has been dogged by an obsession with wickedness and the gloomy underside of the Scottish identity. This Thursday from 11am, the curator will present a tour on the 30+ historical and contemporary artists that are included in the show; free tickets here.

Fri 22 Jul: New exhibitions in Glasgow and Edinburgh

In Inverleith House, they're celebrating 30 years of programming with I Still Believe in Miracles. Included in the show are a huge selection of the artists that have exhibited in the gallery, including Louise Bourgeois, Ciara Phillips, John Cage, Philip Guston and many more. Previewing this Friday, there will also be a performance by four artists during the opening which takes place from 6-8pm (and is sponsored by Boë Gin).

Over in Glasgow, Daisies takes place in the Poetry Club from 9pm-2am. It's arranged by one of last year's Edinburgh Art Festival interviewees France-Lise McGurn and Katie Shannon, whose solo show previews next door from 7-9pm in the Voidoid Archive. For this edition, entitled Pots of Joy, they promise "an au natural HIGH all draped up in satin, gaffa tape, fake cigs, body paint, ink, whistles, t-shirts, joggies, chocka block and laid across leatherette bonquettes for your pleasure" with music and artist collaborations. £3 on the door; details here.

Kathryn Elkin's new show Television previews this Friday in Glasgow's CCA from 7-9pm. Elkin is showing new and exisiting works that wonder "what constitutes the "televisual"" through instances of "documentary interviews, proto pop videos and talk shows reworked into new and less stable forms". One sees musician John McKeown fed lines by Elkin "from a Dustin Hoffmann interview from 1975", in another Elkin sings an interview by Helen Mirren from the same year.

Sat 23 Jul: CCA, Pipe Factory

From 6pm, Glasgow Sculpture Studios launches a show in The Pipe Factory from 6pm by its most recent resident Antoine Nessi. Over his three months in the organisation, Nessi has been making works "influenced by the presentation of armament in weaponry trade shows," and this Friday presents the culminating body of work, a subversion of "the aesthetic of modern weaponry and the business of war."

Also on Saturday, Kathryn Elkin will give a tour of her aforementioned CCA show from 3pm.

Mon 25 Jul: Endarkenment at Filmhouse

In Edinburgh at 6pm, there's another Endarkenment event at Filmhouse. There's a special showing of Madeleine, David Lean's 1950 film telling the true story of a nineteenth-century Glaswegian woman accused of murder, her bullying French lover and "fire-eating patriarch" father. Filmhouse tout Madeleine as significant for not letting its titular protagonist become simply a victim; tickets are available from Filmhouse, normal prices apply.