This Week in Scottish Art: 8-14 June

On Friday, a host of new group exhibitions open up in the East of Glasgow, along with talks, event and screenings throughout the week across the country.

Feature by Adam Benmakhlouf | 07 Jun 2016

Wednesday 8 June: The Art School, CCA, The Lighthouse

From 6-8pm in the CCA, there is the opening for Beyond Epilepsy, "a collaborative project between visual artists, historians and scientists exploring the experience of epilepsy in the past and the present." In the Intermedia Gallery, they'll look at the historical and contemporary responses to epilepsy and present the challenges faced by people with the condition. This is one of a series of pop-up events and exhibitions across Scotland, planned by the collective Beyond Epilepsy.

There's a research-led experiment Display at Your Own Risk  from 6-8.30pm in The Lighthouse in Glasgow. As part of an ongoing project, this one-night exhibition presents digital surrogates of public domain works of art. Read more here, and go along for the end-of-night raffle of the prints on display.

Thursday 9 June: Mount Florida Studios, City of Glasgow College, Tramway

Mount Florida Screenings returns for its third edition this Thursday. Organised by studio holders Morwenna Kearsley and Myles Painter, this Thursday's event features works from nine artists between 6-8pm. The studios themselves are by Mount Florida train station, on 37 Clincart Road, G42 9DZ.

Also from 6-8pm on Thursday, there's the preview for the City of Glasgow College degree show by their Contemporary Art Practice graduates. It's a young course, with the emphasis on conceptual practice, without any particular media affiliations. As well as refreshments, the artists will be available throughout the evening to talk about their ideas and approaches.

A little later on Thursday night, there's the The Indian Street Bazaar at Tramway, previewing from 7-9pm. Curator Katy West invited six designers from India and Scotland to work with the Turkey Red Glasgow textiles archive to produce new fabrics in India, the influence of the techniques that were used to make the products from the Glasgow archive.

Friday 10 June: David Dale Gallery, SWG3, Telfer, Laurieston Arches, Many

6pm this Friday sees the preview for Telfer's group show of GSA students from last year's graduating bunch. Hamish Chapman, Joanne Dawson and Hannah Reynolds work collaboratively for this project Apart Together, without single authorship attaching to what they present. Working in the context of Glasgow's identity as a "cinema city", they consider this legacy theoretically and philosophically through ideas of American urban sociologist Ray Oldenburg. 

Nearby, in Many Studios, there's the outcome of their graduate residency programme, Setting Up Some New Things, featuring recent graduates Benjie Cluness, Jessica Higgins and Laura G Jones, each presenting a new body of work created in the last nine months.

From 7-9pm, a bit down the road from Telfer's new spot, there's another group show opening in David Dale by artists Mikkel Carl, Natalie Dray and Aymeric Tarrade. Each artist works with different ideas of commerce, the readymade and responding to the exhibition context, with their work being grouped under the title Secondary Object.

Difficult Mothers in SWG3 also previews this Friday from 7pm. It's Glasgow-based artist Sarah Rose's solo show of works produced in dialogue with fabricators and in the process of donating her voice to charity, with sculptural and sound elements concerning rumours and conversation.

Saturday 11 June: The Pipe Factory, Talbot Rice, GoMA, GSS

It's playtime in Talbot Rice from 12-5pm on Saturday. Artist Rob Kennedy and curator James Clegg invite visitors to consider how display modes and exhibition styles significantly impact wider political and social engagements.

At 2pm in Glasgow's Gallery of Modern Art, Jacqueline Donachie talks about her show there, Deep in the Heart of You Brain. Donachie's current exhibition features the new body of work, coming from 13 years of research into inherited genetic illnesses,

The Pipe Factory from 8pm present their first new exhibition for a while, hosting Settled in Glasgow ( for Glasgow Anew: Untold Stories and Transnational Perspectives. This organisation collects the oral histories of people who have settled in and around Glasgow, who were born outside of the UK, and for the show the stories will be shared along with objects the participants have chosen as important, from sand from Robben Island to asylum documents.

Sunday 12 June: Meadow Mill Projects

It's the last day of あ い ま い な ("am big you us") at Meadow Mill Projects in Dundee, "the result of a cross-cultural exchange and series of conversations." Five artists and curators have put together a show of painting, sculpture and an investigation in language, symbols and George Orwell's 1984. At 3pm this Sunday, Naoko Mabon will talk about her art practice in her lightly Scottish-accented English.

Monday 13 June: SWG3

On Monday night, the first year of GSA Photography present their work in Like ____ But not _____. There's 23 of them all exhibiting, and they promise booze, photographs and fun.