This Week in Scottish Art: 13-19 September

Across Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow, this week brings great new exhibitions and events including Embassy's graduate show, the largest show to date of talent Katy Dove, as well as new exhibitions from Mary Mary, Koppe Astner and more ...

Article by Adam Benmakhlouf | 13 Sep 2016

Tue 13 Sep: Cornucopia at The Art School

Cornucopia takes place in the Art School from 11pm. It'll be featuring live music and artworks from Bart Waltz, a group of Glasgow artists inviting members of the public and musicians to work together to make "a feast for forgotten folk."

Thu 15 Sep: Unlimited Festival, Platform & more

Peripheral Histories is currently in Platform in Easterhouse, supported by Street Level Photoworks. Glasgow-based artists Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, Calum Douglas, Alan Knox and Sarah Amy Fishlock look in different ways at their different family, social and technological histories. The artists take part in a discussion event about the exhibition and their work on Thursday from 3-6pm; it's free but with limited places, so book here.

Celebrating works by disabled artists across disciplines, Unlimited Festival begins in Tramway. As well as its programme of events and performance, there is a suite of new exhibitions from an internationally diverse selection of disabled artists. Considering this heading, the work is incredibly varied.

One presentation brings a Brazilian MC, and he'll be showing at the same time as a trio of Japanese artists playing with musical notation, colourful drawing and the notion of feminine characters, while another explores the poor representation of certain identies within videogames. There will also be Glasgow-based Cameron Morgan's new ceramic telephones, and Bekki Perriman's Doorways Project, which conducts a personal enquiry into disability and homelessness. Unlimited runs until 25 Sep – full details here.

Later in the day, Glasgow-based sculptor and painter Paul Deslandes presents the private view of his new exhibition Beautiful Cavities at the Laurieston Arches from 6-8pm.

Civic Room celebrates Doors Open Week (all this week, see their website for full deets) with Westmoreland Rocks by Siân Collins. For this work from her MFA degree show this year, Collins interviewed the residents around the Westmoreland Rocks (in a yard with flats surrounding), and presents the audio alongside filmed footage. They preview the show from 6-8pm this Thursday.

Fri 16 Sep: CCA, DCA, Collective, Embassy

Pio Abad brings his latest work to CCA, previewing from 7-9pm. He was last sighted in 2013 in an excellent group show across the road in the old (pre-fire) Mack Gallery, when he presented in deadpan detail the eccentricities of the reign of former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos – see our review here.

Three years later and Abad's turning attention to a selection of objects from the last 25 years in order make an inventory of neoliberalism via particularly important auctioning moments. He promises 100 newly reproduced bespoke handbags modelled from one belonging to Margaret Thatcher – sold in 2011 for £25,000.

In Dundee, the largest exhibition to date of the work of the late, much-missed Katy Dove opens in DCA this Friday night from 7pm. Recognising her important position in both Dundee and Glasgow, there's the opportunity to book a place on a coach that DCA is running from outside CCA that night, leaving at 5.30pm and returning from DCA at 11pm to arrive for half past midnight back to Glasgow. Spaces are limited, so please book via, and state whether you'd like a place from Glasgow to Dundee, Dundee to Glasgow or both ways. 

In the Collective Gallery in Edinburgh, Hamish Young presents the latest Satellites Programme residency, previewing from 6-8pm. He presents a new body of work for this show, titled Excavation, using his own process of making screenprints from residual marble dust and incorporating other works that place it in a context of an enquiry into the provenance and circulation of the materials used.

If you've chosen Edinburgh as your destination of choice, there's also Embassy's graduate show – titled It's Hard to Be Down When You're Up – previewing from 7-10pm and featuring recent graduates from Edinburgh, Dundee and Glasgow, with an emphasis on events, performance and multimedia presentations. 

Sat 17 Sep: Jupiter Artland, new Glasgow exhibitions, performance at Transmission

Maybe you have cause to pick something for sale from talented independent Scotland-based artists and designers. If so, head to the Tea Green market at St Andrews in the Square near Trongate from 10am to 4pm.

From 2pm at Jupiter Artland, there's an exchange between a member of their curatorial team and semi-figurative sculptor Caroline Mesquita. Her tableaux show energetic scenes from art history, and are currently on exhibition in Jupiter now. Ticket prices for the talk include entry to the park, reserve a space here.

Early in the evening, three new exhibitions open, starting with the Gallery of Modern Art from 5pm. They're showing the work of shipyard worker, protestor and filmmaker John Samson.

A little later from 6pm, Mary Mary and Koppe Astner both present new shows. They share the same buildling, so start with Laura Aldridge on the first floor, whose multimedia work can be variously sculptural, painted, abstract or bodily. Upstairs and also from 6-8pm, Milano Chow is more figurative with no loss of intrigue. Delicately and meticulously produced pencil drawings depict architectural details combined with antique publications' front covers. They float on their white substrate elegantly and mysteriously. 

If you shoot 'round the openings, consider Transmission's evening of "performance, provocation, discussion and action" by Travis Alabanza from 7-9pm, "a Black, transfemme performance artist and writer that works and survives in London." For their event this Saturday The Other'd Artist, they begin "THE ART WORLD IS PALE. THE ART WORLD IS MALE" and go from there.

Mon 19 Sep: Talbot Rice on Alice Neel

Talbot Rice curator Pat Fischer will be in conversation with art writer Moira Jeffrey for Alice Neel In Depth from 6pm. They'll then invite a broader panel to discuss what it means to paint figuratively, present truths in art, or capture someone's essence.