The Aspect Prize

Article by Jasper Hamill | 17 Mar 2006
Supporting the current rage for painting, the Aspect Prize is an extraordinarily generous prize that offers fifteen thousand pounds for the winner and five thousand pounds for the four lucky finalists. Last year, the prize was won by Sue Biazotti - who's now presumably living it large on some greek island or other - for her beautiful painting of a female diver. Prizes like this are vital in sustaining the form, according to Sandy Moffat who's just left as the Glasgow Art School's head of painting, giving starving painters the chance to win a bit of cash out with the constraints of the commercial gallery system. Entries are being considered from March 1st for artists who have not yet exhibited in London for an exhibition in June. Look at the website for details. Best of all, we'll probably write about you in our mag too. Hoorah!