Refugee crisis: Cartoon urges EU to do more

A new animated video by a group of Swedish designers, Safe and Legal Paths calls on European Union leaders to do more to help those caught up in the ongoing refugee crisis in Syria in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Video | 25 Nov 2015

The video, by Malmö-based design house Bloody Honey, calls for the expansion of the EU's quota system for accepting refugees and migrants to combat the refugess crisis – the current system agreed in September will see 120,000 people distributed throughout the EU, despite the UN stating that the proposed quota only equates to three weeks' worth of arrivals in Europe.

The video also calls for the end of sanctions on airlines who allow passengers without visas to enter the EU which force those travelling to Europe to make the journey by boat, leading to increased danger for refugees, as well as logistical and practical problems for those countries receiving them.

Introducing the video, Bloody Honey say: "Suddenly the terror reached Paris. For a while Europe had to deal with the horror that is everyday life in Syria. Now, if ever, it should be clear to everyone why so many are fleeing for their lives.

"Those running away from war and terror are entitled to protection in the EU. That was the deal. But when it comes down to it, Europe is building walls, not bridges. With barbed wire. Guarded by police officers who are not afraid to spray tear gas on the children and their desperate parents.

"If the refugees could instead have their asylum applications examined before fleeing, so that they could travel legally and safely into the EU, much death and suffering could be avoided. Moreover, it would likely facilitate a controlled reception in the EU countries.

"We need safe and legal paths for refugees into the EU, such as humanitarian visas and an expanded quota system. Now.

"Carrier sanctions, which prevents airlines and other carriers to take on board asylum seekers, should be abolished. We are many who cannot accept the way the EU handles the refugees who wish to seek refuge in the Union. We must become better at being seen and heard in order to bring about a change. This film is our contribution."

Safe and Legal Paths

Script: Hanna Nilsson
Animation: Charlotte Rodenstedt
Sound: Pär Davidsson
VoiceOver artist: Andrew Wilkie