Taxidermy collection profiled in Safestore video

Advertorial by The Skinny | 19 Aug 2016
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A £40,000 collection of dozens of stuffed and taxidermied animals is among the obscure private collections featured in a new video series.

London-based Suzette Field’s "naturalistic taxidermy" collection features a host of stuffed animals from around the world, from birds and rodents to the stuffed head of an east African kudu. Describing the drive behind her collection, which numbers over 100 pieces, Field says: "The ambition to collect; there's sort of an adventure to everything that you find.

"It's that initial lusting after, then saving away, buying it, bringing it home – or spending ages looking for that exact piece. Surrounding myself with all the items I've collected throughout my life, it gives me that same joy as, say, a photo album. You can identify each stage of your life with a thing that's on your wall; it gives some context and depth to life – as a story – that I think I otherwise wouldn't have."

Field's collection is documented as part of SafeStore's Stuff Is Great campaign. Safestore's Dave Cox says: "We’re championing collections like [Field's] because lifestyle magazines and bloggers seem to have an idea that minimalist is best. But we’re reacting against the notion that to be happy, you need to live in a white, pristine, minimalist box."

Watch The Taxidermy Collector in the player below, and find out more about the other collections featured in the campaign here.

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