Katy Perry hearts Rachel Maclean

Pop star pays a visit to the artist's Tate Britain exhibition and declares "This is how I imagine I am in my mind"

Feature by The Skinny | 21 Feb 2017

Seems Katy Perry has found a kindred spirit – aesthetically, at least – in Scottish artist Rachel Maclean, whose candy coloured universes caught the eye of the star on a visit to Tate Britain yesterday. 

In her latest post on Instagram Stories, Perry enthuses "This is how I imagine I am in my mind" over footage of Maclean's film Wot U :-) About?, which is on show at the London gallery after premiering at Manchester's HOME last year. 


Perry and her fans, affectionately dubbed KatyCats after Perry's love of all things feline, may be interested to know that Maclean's celebrity-skewering 2012 video Lolcats featured audio from an interview with the star, talking about dental hygiene while dressed as a cat. Turns out this is how Katy is in Rachel's mind, too.

Ain't it nice when things come full circle? 

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Rachel Maclean represents Scotland at the Venice Biennale 2017: find out more here.