Gi picks

This year’s Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art has the theme of ‘past, present and future’, which encompasses, well, everything. So before we all start congratulating the board on coming up with such a profoundly vague concept let's see if there is substance to their ethereal musings. Here’s what The Skinny recommends

Article by Andrew Cattanach | 02 Apr 2010

Jimmie Durham @ Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Concluding a three month residency at GSS, American artist Jimmie Durham will be showing new work. Little known in our Scottish waters, Durham likes to crush cars and small planes with big boulders. Nice.

Christoph Büchel @ Tramway 2

Büchel makes complex, hyperreal installations of interiors. Built in a series of shipping container interiors, this work looks to explore collective memory and should be pretty edgy.

Claire Barclay @ Glasgow Print Studios

Barclay’s been making some prints at GPS and will be exploring the relationship between her 2D and better known 3D work. Expect to see pristine, shiny work that you’ll want to touch. But don’t.


Simultaneously the heart of the festival and on the fringe, this prepubescent institution will be showing, amongst others, three of the most exciting young sculptors currently based in Glasgow: Sandy Smith, Sam Kennedy and Dan Miller. Enjoy.

Douglas Gordon @ Tramway 1

Not much is seen of this Glaswegian artist in Glasgow but we’re always pleased to have him. He revisits Hitchcock’s film, Psycho, and although it seems he’s covering old ground, Gordon’s work is sure to be a lesson in how to make a bloody good video installation.