Creative Edinburgh Awards 2019: Nominations close on Friday!

Want to put someone forward for this year's Creative Edinburgh awards? You have until Friday afternoon...

Feature by The Skinny | 05 Sep 2019
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Creative Edinburgh – the capital's hub for creative, artistic and interesting folk – celebrate their eighth birthday next month, with the party once again doubling as the annual Creative Edinburgh Awards. The Awards aim to shine a spotlight on some of the key member's of the city's creative scene. Girls Rock School Edinburgh, Turing Fest and indie publisher Charco Press were among the winners last year – read more about the 2018 CE Awards here.

There are nine categories across this year's Awards – full details of which can be found below – with nominations closing at 3pm on Friday 6 September. Click here to enter your nominations.

Creative Edinburgh Awards: the categories

The City Award
Edinburgh is a city full of inspiration and creativity so we want to hear about projects which have built on its cultural values, drawn on its city spaces or shouted about our creative hub on a national or international stage.

The Collaboration Award
Because teamwork makes the dream... become a reality. Tell us about projects involving two or more individuals or organisations which have proved creatively outstanding and have impacted our city’s creative scene.

The Commercial Award
Whether from an agency, collective, organisation, company or partnership, we’re looking for the people who have flexed their creative muscles on commercial projects over the past year.

The Creativity Award
A one-off project that’s proved unforgettable. For when financial gain has taken a backseat, risks have been taken and exploration of new ideas and new talent has been placed at the forefront of a project.

The Independent Award
For anyone registered as a sole trader, freelancer or creative business who has produced inspiring, exciting and valuable projects over the past year. Nominate your peers, or give yourself a shout out.

The Leadership Award
A pioneer, a mentor, a beacon of light… we want to celebrate the people whose contribution to their field, a project or Edinburgh’s whole creative community has been valuable and vital.

The Social Award
There’s never enough creativity in the world, so we’re recognising those projects that engage communities, support others or benefit a creative field. If it’s impacted Edinburgh’s creative identity, it’s worth celebrating.

The Startup Award
New kids on the block - we want to hear from you. If you’ve been a registered business for three years or fewer and are already making your mark on Edinburgh’s creative scene, tell us about it.

The Student Award
Know a full or part time student who has founded a project, developed new ways to approach a discipline or has pushed the boundaries of their medium alongside their studies? We want to hear about them. (Students must be currently studying or have graduated in the past 12 months)

The Creative Edinburgh Awards and eighth birthday party takes place at The Hub, Castlehill on 10 Oct from 7pm; tickets available now.