Art Highlights: December 2018

December brings a new set of exhibitions from DCA, as well as opportunities from the major residency providers across Scotland

Feature by Rosie Priest | 03 Dec 2018

Exhibition Highlights

We mentioned this incredible exhibition last month, but are not afraid to reiterate how brilliant it is again: Tremble Tremble by Jesse Jones in the Talbot Rice Gallery is a performance and installation piece not to be missed: take your coven along or explore the space alone, you will not be disappointed by this eerie celebration of the power of magick. The Talbot Rice have knocked it out of the park, as alongside Jesse Jones they have At the Gates: work by women artists inspired by the tidal wave of change that has been sweeping the world and have amplified the global struggle towards women’s self-empowerment. We were especially blown away by the work of Mexican artist Teresa Margolles: do not miss out on the opportunity to touch and explore the sensational culmination of her work. You have until 26 January to explore this pair of exhibitions.

In Dundee, DCA are opening two new exhibitions this month celebrating the work of artists living and working in Scotland. Margaret Salmon, a Glasgow-based artist and filmmaker, will present a new moving image work and installation commissioned specifically for DCA: Hole is about our bodies and the intimate human connections we seek with others. Meanwhile, multi-material artist Lorna Macintyre will be pushing materiality to its limits and exploring new ways to play with the likes of cyanotypes, digital prints and photography in her exhibition Pieces of You Are Here. Both of these exhibitions are open until 24 February and coincide with a series of exciting events such as talks and tours.

The fantastic showcasing of women’s work spreads its way into Glasgow in December, as Tramway present the work of Lucy Beech and her new film which addresses the power and agency of reproductive relations, exploring women’s labour, visibility and the flow of bodily revenue streams in what has come to be known as Reproductive Exile (also the title of the exhibition, which runs until 10 Feb).


The Royal Scottish Academy have an exciting residency opportunity which allows artists to apply for funds of up to £5000 to partake in a programme at one or more of their partner venues. Deadline: 20 Jan

Scottish Sculpture Workshop have a paid three-month residency opportunity based in Finland which seeks to explore the multiple knotted knowledges and practices situated between ecology, location, community and history in order to share and learn from these relationships. The deadline is fast approaching so be sure to apply quickly! Deadline: 7 Dec

Cove Park have several paid residencies available for visual artists (as well as for experimental filmmakers, writers, designers and more) with a variety of deadlines throughout December. The spaces available offer artists the opportunity to work in incredible environments on the West Coast of Scotland, not too far from Glasgow, with the important time and headspace to create works. Deadlines: 7, 10 and 16 Dec

Unlike the other residencies highlighted this month, the Banff Artist in Residence programme has a way to go before the deadline crunch. This residency allows participants to delve deeply into their practice while away from the constraints of everyday life. Participants are provided with a studio, accessible 24 hours a day, as well as access to extensive creative facilities – a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in your practice in among the brilliant Canadian rolling mountains. Deadline: 6 March

Awards and Call for Entries

With the 2018 Scottish Portrait Award exhibition still on, the Scottish Portrait Awards are already thinking ahead to 2019 with increased prize money and a drive to make sure all artists are aware of this opportunity. The Awards will be taking submissions from April 2019, and are open to anyone over 16, born, living or studying in Scotland. Deadline: 30 Jun