Annuale 2012, Edinburgh, 8-24 Jun

Preview by Andrew Cattanach | 30 May 2012

Co-ordinated by Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh, Annuale 2012 looks to be as varied and exciting as ever, with plenty of grassroots arts events and activities happening all over the city.

At Superclub Gallery they’re up to their usual tricks. Having cadged the creative services of Hugo De Verteuil and Ian Rothwell, the gallery will show a film made entirely from stuff nicked off the webernet. Based on a series of 411 email scams – likely from a prince with poor grammar – the film utilises ripped YouTube videos, free trial versions of text-to-speech software and free downloadable SFX. Should be a mad jumble of fun.

Meanwhile, the Embassy will host a group show with work by David Steans, Dean Kenning, Francis Thorburn, Jason Penney and Julika Gittner. They will be looking at public and social spaces and how we occupy them, as well as the ghosts that likewise subsist there – supposedly.

At the English Speaking Union on Atholl Crescent, artsists Diane Edwards, Sheena Leach, Callum Monteith, Liam Richardson and Alex Allan will present their project Fluid Potion. Using information gleaned from the mass media, they will produce an ongoing artwork developed through dialogue between the artists, the audience and the gallery.

There will also be more one-off performances and screenings than anyone would care to stomach, so we suggest you see them all. Check out Tom Estes’ performance installation Portable Black Hole at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art on 8 June, which promises to be produced from the darkest material ever made. And on the 12 June, head over to Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop for a screening of Tomasz Kozak's film Flash of the New Flesh. [Andrew Cattanach]

Annuale 2012 runs from 8-24 Jun at various venues throughout Edinburgh