Annual General Karaoke

You’ve doubtless heard of organisations holding an AGM or Annual General Meeting. In September, the <strong>Yuck ‘n Yum</strong> collective will be holding the first ever AGK where the K stands for karaoke, and this is your last chance to submit

Article by Ben Robinson | 10 Aug 2010

Creative types from across Scotland are invited to make a karaoke video and perform their chosen song in Dundee on 18 September. Buses will be chartered from around Scotland to bring the country’s hottest arts talent to do karaoke battle. The Skinny contacted Yuck ‘n Yum’s Gayle Meikle with a few AGK questions:

What do Yuck ‘n Yum hope to achieve with this event?
Yuck ‘n Yum are really interested in playing with the concept of corporate marketing when it comes to distributing art and viewing art as a commodity.

Why karaoke?
We like the idea of using a business model such as an AGM, and we thought it would be interesting to host something that wasn’t just another networking event. We love the whole concept of karaoke and we also thought it would be a nice way to showcase video artists', filmmakers', sound artists' and performers' talents.

So what prizes are up for grabs?
Our top prize is £300 courtesy of Yuck ‘n Yum and Central Station plus a mini residency at the Hannah Maclure Centre's performance and cinema space. We are also awarding a prize for best performer and an audience award on the night, although those prizes are still to be confirmed.

Who are you hoping will enter?
We hope that anyone with an interest in video, music, karaoke or performance will enter. Like with our zine, if we like it then it goes in, regardless of background

Will there be future AGK-style events?
Other groups are welcome to adopt this model. We’d love to see someone do an AGP beauty pageant for instance, but the possibilities really are endless.


The deadline for video submissions to the AGK is 12 Aug. For more details see