Music Video Premiere: Ubre Blanca – Polygon Mountain

Video by News Team | 19 Dec 2013

Ubre Blanca, the rising synth duo comprising Joel Stone (ex-Shitdisco) & Andy Brown (ex-Divorce), follow up a string of successful shows alongside the likes of Zombie Zombie, Casual Sex, Islet and Molly Nilsson with the release of their debut record Polygon Mountain 12" on Clan Destine Records. Read The Skinny's review of Polygon Mountain.

They've now had a video for the EP's epic, 11 minute long title track created by Athens-based visual artists Sofia Stavropoulou (who previously created the Aids Of Space video for Brown's previous band Divorce) and Than Tsoumas

Ubre Blanca will next be performing at Mono Cafe in Glasgow on New Year's Eve alongside Holy Mountain + Green Door and Clan Destine DJs – more information and tickets available here. Hell, they'll even be playing our 100th issue party in January. 

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