Royal Exchange Theatre

St Anns Square | Manchester M2 7DH
Phone: 0161 833 9833

The Royal Exchange, with its gigantic glass-walled auditorium suspended in mid-air, is an innovation in theatre design that completely alters an audience's experience of a dramatic performance. While the design may sound mind-boggling, the three-tiered circular seating structure gives the audience a 360' perspective of the stage, making sure nothing goes unnoticed. The theatre programme ranges from comedy to drama, from the most famous plays to brand new stories, and the odd conversation with popular writers, directors and actors. It boasts around 350 performances a year and has been home to plenty of classics by the likes of Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller. Huge names have appeared on the stage at the Royal Exchange, including Helen Mirren, Andy Serkis and Michael Sheen, and actors such as David Tennant and Kate Winslet have performed there early in their careers. You can also book tours of the venue to learn more about the incredible structure of the theatre itself. [Charlotte Davies]

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    Royal Exchange Theatre
    St Anns Square
    Manchester M2 7DH

    Royal Exchange Theatre

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    Mon: 10:00 - 23:30
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    Phone: 0161 833 9833

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