Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

42 Otago Lane | Glasgow G12 8PB
Phone: 0141 357 4524

Tea is not a fad. Superfoods and charcoal drinks may come and go; but tea - the leafy little elixir that soothes aches emotional and physical - tea is a common denominator for a happier life.

It's not surprising then that tea places like this wee joint enjoy blazing success, year after year, in a market that fluctuates more than the red sea. Tchai-Ovna has existed happily on Otago Lane in the west end of Glasgow since the '90s where the "first seeds of activity sowed" were by musician and poet Pol Morgan and pals over twenty years ago.
Tchai-Ovna has retained some of its bohemain counter-culture vibe, but has expanded its custom to students, stressed yogi-moms, shakey businesspeople, and, of course, tea-enthusiasts.

Mismatching armchairs, wicker furniture and floor cushions allow plenty of space for lounging and sipping one of 80-odd different varieties of tea. Even better, there's ample opportunity to indulge in the product of Tchai-Ovna's vegan home-baking. If the hole you need to fill simply won't be satiated with a brownie, there's also a tonne of reasonably priced vegan and veggie noms up for grabs (all home-cooked, of course). We've heard that the red lentil dahl is particularly delightful.

Outside in their 'tea garden' you can enjoy a shisha pipe if you feel so inclined, and on certain evenings you can catch live jazz music, storytelling evenings or poetry readings.


Tchai-Ovna House of Tea
42 Otago Lane
Glasgow G12 8PB

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

Phone: 0141 357 4524

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