Flat 0/1

162 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4SQ

The thinking behind Flat 0/1 is that everyone knows that flat. The party flat. A place where the decks are out, the booze deluging and everybody in the room is gyrating until the small hours. And lo, the ultimate flat party was created; one that didn't have to keep the music down for the neighbours, one where lectures and parents visiting aren't a thing, one where food can be delivered to your lap while you laze in an empty bath: the nightclub, Flat 0/1.

Situated on Bath Street it comes complete with a buzzer, mismatching 70s furniture and a bike chained up in the hall. Stretching the length of the room is the bar serving a mix of very cheap booze, such as the ever classy White Lightning, as well as some decent draft beers and spirits. The music played is a mix of funk, house and electro, and in true flat party style you'll need to dance around the furniture.