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THE SKINNY: January 2018

Food and Drink Survey Results, Tune-Yards, Dream Wife, The Spook School, Django Django, The Go! Team, Miss Saigon, Richard Linklater, The Lover, Mike White and more...


Happy New Year! Here’s hoping this one looks less like a textbook guide to the Rise of Fascism across multiple continents, eh?

After several months of screaming at you about the need to Make Your Voice Heard (telling you your forebears would have fought for their right to vote about food had they not had more pressing human rights to worry about etc, etc), January sees us unveil the results of the Food and Drink Survey 2018. It offers a snapshot of the places you’ve been enjoying eating and drinking in the last 12 months, as well as a chance to make some wild speculations about the future of food. Veganism = in, piles of minced red meat = out for the year ahead as everyone wakes up to the power of the individual to contribute to positive change in this unstable world. We also find out the best places to eat a taco or drink a Bloody Mary. The Skinny Food & Drink, blithely mixing social commentary with rank flippancy since 2011.

In Music, Tune-Yards’ Merrill Garbus introduces the now-duo’s confessionally-titled fourth album I can feel you creep into my private life. Dream Wife discuss forming at art school and creative collaboration afterwards (also shoplifting at Matalan); The Spook School are releasing third album Could it Be Different?, and they talk to us about self-care, safe spaces and shifting record labels as they move to Alcopop! following the demise of Fotuna Pop! Django Django are also on their third album, Marble Skies – synth man Tommy Grace shares some thoughts on the recording process this time around, offering an insight into the vague workaholism of the Edinburgh-derived band. The Go! Team’s Ian Parton talks maximalist touring as they release fifth album Semicircle, while in the Review section we take a look at The Xcerts’ influences, meet BooHooHoo and talk to Francis Macdonald about performing in the Space Formerly Known as the Echoiest in the World (™).

Theatre takes an unexpected January trip to South East Asia as two productions set in Vietnam arrive on the Edinburgh stage. One writer flew over to Dublin for an advance look at mega-musical-production Miss Saigon before it rolls into town, while we meet the co-directors of a new production of The Lover, based on Marguerite Duras’ memoir of teenage love in colonial French Indochina. Film talks to Richard Linklater about new buddy movie Last Flag Flying, which aims to capture the atmosphere in the US post-9/11. We also meet writer-director Mike White, whose new film Brad’s Status examines comparative perceptions of success and failure amongst the American wealthy.

Art has phoned as many Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee galleries as possible to get an idea of what their programmes look like for the year ahead. There’s loads happening, and this probably only scratches the surface as Glasgow prepares for another installment of the biennial Glasgow International festival of visual art. In the Showcase, we take a look at photographer Ben Soedira’s pristine images of his childhood home of Dubai, which explore the nature of belonging and the very materials of this artificially constructed desert city.

In Books we welcome new section editor Heather McDaid, who kicks off her tenure with a fascinating examination of the work of Muriel Spark (whose centenary is this year), as seen through the eyes of a multitude of Scottish writers who have felt her influence. Comedy has a new year’s treat in the form of not one but two Fringe Dog articles, one helping you keep your New Year’s resolutions and the other interviewing comedian John Kearns about various topics which are of interest to a dog. Finally, we close the magazine with the latest installment of the Local Heroes series, continuing our mapping of the Scottish design scene with a second look at the huge diversity of creative jewellers currently working within this nation’s borders. [Rosamund West]


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