The Simplicity of Grasping Air

Seth Ewin is relaxed by Scottish butoh.

Feature by Seth Ewin | 07 Aug 2009
  • Lindsay John - The Simplicity of Grasping Air

The Simplicity of Grasping Air is a chance to cool off from the heat and relax from the chaos of the festivals, and submerge yourself in this calming river of a performance. This is a somewhat trippy exploration using butoh, the art of slow movement, though the performer is from Glasgow not Japan.

The piece is not lacking in energy; though Lindsay John is slow, beautifully slow, the movement of the piece is concentrated and thoughtful. What makes the piece so soothing is its flow, the rhythm not just of performer and music but the watery visuals projected onto the stage.

These images are never clear. Sometimes it seems like flowing water, but at other times a forest or a fire, an ever evolving watercolour. There are creepy shadows but leaves the ultimate interpretation to your imagination.

While it is a solo performance, the music, props and lighting add to its multi-textured feel. John does interact with his roll of canes, entrapping him but also giving him wings. Contemplative and quietly beautiful, it is both restful and provocative, a charmed half hour of bliss.


Until 8 August, various times.

Dance Base (venue 22).