7 Day Drunk @ Assembly George Square

Are we more creative when drunk?

Feature by Emma Snellgrove | 24 Aug 2011
  • Bryony Kimmings

Bryony Kimmings investigates alcohol by going on a seven day binge. As she pushes her body to the limit, she is closely monitored by doctors, psychologists, therapists and sociologists. Is she really more creative when drunk?  

This wild, one-woman show replicates what Kimmings’ drunken mind crafted during her period of inebriation. With electro-pop music on full blast, she explores the entire spectrum of emotion, from dancing drunkenly to trashing her set with glass and fast food.

The final product shows how twisted reality can become when one is subjected to a strong dose of alcohol.Wandering from spotlight to spotlight, singing or uttering words to frame early childhood memories, Bryony Kimmings succeeds in capturing her sometimes fragile, sometimes violent state of mind.

The concept behind her performance raises an interesting point. Are we more creative when drunk? Are we more creative when on drugs? After all, many artists, namely rockstars and musicians, are known for their drug abuse, during which they write masterpieces. Clearly, we are more relaxed or at least, less inhibited by our prejudices and social etiquette when drunk; does this then mean we're more open to ideas and creation?


Until 28 Aug, 20.00

Assembly George Square