Five to see at Wrong Festival

The "festival for the freakscene" comes to Liverpool – we sift through the line-up to reveal some of our faves...

Feature by Music Team | 20 Apr 2017
  • Mums

Noise. There's nothing better, in our opinon. And isn't it even better when it's bundled up into those thrilling bursts of primal energy we call 'riffs'? When they're flung at you repeatedly til you're totally submerged, regardless of whether they flow like molten metal or puncture like jagged pieces of slag? Well, isn't it?

If you answered 'yes' to the above, then you're in luck: Wrong Festival has got you covered. From the menacing psych of The Wytches to the nailgun racket of Heck, via Japan's hypnotic Bo Ningen and London's ever-magnificent Part Chimp, it's a festival where the riff is king, and it's coming to the North Docklands on Saturday 22 April. Not sure where to start? That's where we come in


You may have noticed by now: we like Mums. We like their propensity towards Melvins-style sludge; we like their debut album Land of Giants, we like their nonchalant demeanour and way with a barbed witticism. Most of all, we like how skull-crushingly loud they are: the Widnes trio know how to harness and deploy volume as well as anyone. What's more, they're bloody ace.
Invisible Wind Factory, 4pm


Motorik dreamgazers Rongorongo have teased us thus far with a couple of releases for Liverpool's War Room Records, but their formidable live show suggests there's much, much more to come from them. Not just another psych band by any means; their songwriting chops are capable of propelling them to far greater things, while a hint of menace to their melodies keeps you on edge. Ones to watch, alright.
North Shore Troubador, 4.30pm

Salt The Snail

One of the newest bands on the bill, Salt The Snail have already built up a reputation for intense yet hilarious live shows, with post-hardcore freneticism to the fore and a knack for the unpredictable. Supporting Fucked Up at HBGBs late last year, they even gave out Peperamis to the crowd while declaring, "No one goes home empty-handed." Check 'em out; maybe you'll get a present beyond a new favourite band.
North Shore Troubador, 6.30pm

Skinny Girl Diet

Not punk. Not grunge. Not riot grrrl. This London trio are what happens when you channel a furiously feminist rage into aggressive, scintillating hooks – if the hairs on the back of your neck aren't standing on end throughout SGD's sets, you're doing it wrong. They're singing about you. About us. About everyone else. This is your life, articulated via three-minute pop songs that burn up as they enter your atmosphere. So sing along: this is your new favourite band.
DROP The Dumbulls, 12.30am


Now this is what we're talking about. Fans of The Jesus Lizard and Killdozer, gather round: this Leeds quartet have got something to show you, and it's LOUD. We loved Blacklisters' 2015 album Adult ("When naked aggression is allowed to seethe so magnificently, only a fool would dismiss it," we said) and their live show is even better: a whirlwind of squalling guitars, brick wall riffery and clenched teeth, wide-eyed delivery. Miss 'em at your peril.
DROP The Dumbulls, 1.45am

Wrong Festival, North Docklands, Liverpool, 22 Apr, from 1pm