Mums – Land of Giants

Album Review by Simon Jay Catling | 02 Nov 2016
  • Mums – Land of Giants
Album title: Land of Giants
Artist: Mums
Label: Superstar Destroyer
Release date: 21 Oct

Mums restrain themselves for all of about 50 seconds of their debut LP before opener Underneath Rocks’ hushed intro collapses amidst a landslide of mulching, sludgy guitar – as so much of Land of Giants goes; they're a trio finding new life in the tried and trusted quiet-to-loud dynamic. Toiling in the Northwest’s 100-cap venues and pubs for a couple of years now, the challenge for the Widnes trio here was always going to be bottling the sonic ferocity of their live shows. They do an admirable job.

The slow, crashing trudge of tracks like the Melvins-esque Teamin’ are tumultuous, while straight-up ragers like Rosies Noisey scrabble and writhe to burst from the speakers and return to the live cauldron they were forged in. More than this though, Mums have a hell of a knack for a hook – best exemplified on the absolute brain lodger of Can of Worms – meaning there’s plenty here to satisfy more than just noise rock nerds.

Listen to: Can of Worms, Little Did He Know