The Pop Cop Rallies Against Google

Feature by Paul Neeson | 19 May 2010
  • Popcop

With the meteoric rise in file sharing and digital freedom over the last decade, the lurching corporations who previously had a stranglehold on the music lovers of the world have started to get a little tetchy, looking for a way to push back against the liberal left. Sadly, as is the way with such bullying beasts – in this case represented by Google's U.S. copyright enforcers, DMCA – they tend to settle their crosshairs on the little man, and have recently done so to Scotland’s much loved music blog, The Pop Cop.

For those who are unfamiliar with this blogging institution, The Pop Cop has spent the last three years lending its distinctive, colourful slant to the best of Scotland’s up-and-coming acts, providing much needed exposure to the folks who fly under the radar of too many publications. No longer, however, as the blog has allegedly ‘repeatedly violated Blogger's Terms of Service’ (a claim dismissed by the Cop himself), and as such has been closed.

A visit to The Pop Cop’s campaign page ( will quickly expose the injustice of the closure, particularly in light of three years' worth of material being lost in the process, and will hopefully spur those who value underground music in Scotland to lend their support to the campaign to have the blog reinstated.