The Music
The Music

The Music @ ABC, 5 Jul

The second coming of The Music finds them working their way towards fulfilling those early stadium ambitions
Event preview by Ally Brown.
Published 18 June 2008

It takes either great balls and genius wit, or great idiocy, to name your band 'The Music' - no matter which way you shake it, it just sounds stupid. The Music was a big new thing back in 2001 (see?), belying an inauspicious Yorkshire background by roaring epic psychedelic lurches along The Second Coming lines, as if they were born for stadium jams; and the singer, Robert Harvey, wailed like his surname was Plant. Then, things went pear-shaped: the hype died down, the follow-up album was a flop, and Harvey's substance addictions dropped him in to depression. Now recovered and raring to go, this is the second coming of The Music: working their way back up towards achieving those stadium ambitions second time around, they also have a new album out this month. Just don't try to find it on the internet - ingeniously, their name is ungoogleable. (Ally Brown)

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  • ok if no one else has went for it with a comment yet here goes. i was lucky enough to have saw the music at all three gigs played in glasgow this year''holy shit man''blown away.every gig satisfied and left you dying for the next top up of amazing tunes and just unbelievably mind blowing sounds of vocal and instrumental heaven!!!!! loved it.boy you lot are ready to rock,luv the way robert gets the crowed going with his immence stage pressance''p.s, im a crap speller''but who gives when im telling you this story.ha....i luv you guyes,you rocked mine and maxies world.thank you.mwah.xxxxxxxx

    Posted by Anonymous | Thursday 17 July 2008 @ 07:57

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  • When did The Music become so popular?

    Posted by Finbarr Bermingham | Thursday 17 July 2008 @ 10:04

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