Tabasco Fiasco - One EP

Single Review by Austin Tasseltine | 30 Nov 2009
  • Tabasco Fiasco - One EP
Single title: One EP
Artist: Tabasco Fiasco
Label: Self released
Release date: 30 Nov

In Tabasco Fiasco and their equally inspired contemporaries, Super Adventure Club, Livingston has – somewhat surprisingly – managed to nurture two of the most enthralling modern prog bands these shores have produced. Like their aforementioned kinsfolk, TF's repertoire is both extremely varied and consistently well realised. The driving riffage of Conspiranoia contrasts with the paced, largely-instrumental schizophrenia of Pink Sabre Rattling, yet both hit the mark, often summoning the ghost of the late, great Macrocosmica. This EP also succeeds in striking a perfect balance between instrumental prowess and astute songwriting and makes for a compelling taster of things to come. [Austin Tasseltine]


Playing Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh on 6 Dec.