Scott & Charlene's Wedding – Two Weeks EP

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 28 Feb 2013
  • Scott & Charlene's Wedding – Two Weeks EP
Album title: Two Weeks EP
Artist: Scott & Charlene's Wedding
Label: Critical Heights
Release date: 11 March

The nuptials between Erinsborough’s number one sweethearts isn’t the crispest of pop culture references, but it befits a project with its head in the past. Craig Dermody’s slacker rock sound first took shape on debut Para Vista Social Club, and this follow-up EP sticks closely to its predecessor’s scuffed blueprint, both in terms of lyrics (biographical) and pedal settings (fuzzy).

This continuity gives Two Weeks the air of a welcome dispatch from a faraway friend (albeit one prone to oversharing in the case of comically nauseating highpoint Gammy Leg), but while full of echoes, this is no pale re-tread. On the contrary, the melodies are sharper and the impact more pronounced, with Dermody’s charmingly unruffled mien conveying ever-increasing promise. [Chris Buckle]