Mono/Poly – Manifestations EP

Single Review by Martin Skivington | 01 Apr 2011
  • Mono/Poly - Manifestations EP
Single title: Manifestations EP
Artist: Mono/Poly
Label: Brainfeeder
Release date: 4 April


Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder imprint does a solid line in off-kilter hip-hop productions with soul; the label counts among its prodigious ranks the likes of Teebs, Ras G, and now multi-faceted young Californian Mono/Poly. The Manifestations EP – his Brainfeeder debut – starts in a fug of ambient synth that wouldn't be out of place on a release by his boss, before settling into some brash, HudMo-like, clattering drums on Forest Dark, ushering in the relaxed boogie of Glow. On the EP's latter half, Mono/Poly's penchant for cranked up bass takes hold on the abrasive, M.O.P. sampling, Punch The Troll In The Neck, and the cathartic dubstep of Vibrations (Alternate). A promising and varied EP, with serious dancefloor clout. [Martin Skivington]