Jesca Hoop – Snowglobe EP

Single Review by Paul Neeson | 24 Mar 2011
  • Jesca Hoop - Snowglobe EP
Single title: Snowglobe EP
Artist: Jesca Hoop
Label: Last Laugh
Release date: 4 Apr

Manchester-based, California-born songstress Jesca Hoop may tread with genteel folk footsteps, however her musical associates – legend Tom Waits once employed her as a nanny, multifarious maestro Andrew Bird brought her on tour as support, and Elbow leader Guy Harvey convinced her to relocate to British shores – tell of the heavyweight impact which her music brings.

Following on from 2009’s sophomore album, Hunting My Dress, Hoop remains utterly devoted to layered harmonies, cavernous production, and slow, slow, sombre seduction; and whilst the unaccompanied, whispered vocal which comprises Storms Make Grey the Sea may ghost past many listeners, the remaining trio of tracks all-too-briefly remind us of Hoop’s canny ability to reel us in with the subtlest of hooks. [Paul Neeson]