Waves of Fury – Thirst

Album Review by Chris Buckle | 26 Nov 2012
  • Waves of Fury – Thirst
Album title: Thirst
Artist: Waves of Fury
Label: Alive Records
Release date: 26 Nov

It doesn’t take long to get a handle on Waves of Fury. A few seconds of distorted piano ease you in to opener Death of a Vampire, then BAM! – a wall of sound floods the speakers and starts firing off melodies unapologetically modelled on vintage rhythm and blues and its branching family tree: northern soul, garage rock  and proto-punk, smothered in fuzz and dripping with attitude.

Vocalist Carter Sharp shouts, sneers and wails over a dense bed of chugging guitars, stomping rhythms and warm brass, and despite overflowing with touchstone reference points – The Stooges, Louie Louie, Geno Washington – their four to the floor energy and snappy melodies never come off as recycled or ersatz. Rather, the impression is of a band with an acute understanding of their chosen musical lineage, with every horn parp, handclap and howled yelp expertly positioned and hitting its target. [Chris Buckle]