Public Spaces – KP-LP

Album Review by Bram E. Gieben | 07 Nov 2013
  • Public Spaces – KP-LP
Album title: KP-LP
Artist: Public Spaces
Label: Electropapknit / Dirty Beard Monthly
Release date: 4 Nov

Generated in Glasgow from the collective efforts of Lewis Macdonald, double bassist Alastair Quietsch and a host of collaborators, this album takes the template of rough-hewn, experimental art school noise and feeds it through the lucid filters of pop-industrial; coupled with the growling, foreboding spirit of Tom Waits, and adds a dash of genuinely frightening found sound abuse and musique concrete techniques.

Constantly threatening to collapse into shambolic, abstract dissonance at every turn, it pulls back from the brink with distorted robot voices or visceral bursts of punk energy. A success where so many 'noise' projects fail, these artists have embraced both structure and narrative as the focal points for their transgressive sample-craft. Two highly inventive musicians pushing analogue and digital gear to its limits, but anchoring the results in a bedrock of feral jazz, snarling blues and brutal industrial rhythms. Outstanding, challenging, transgressive, it will undoubtedly prove too strong medicine for some.