Pond – The Weather

Album Review by Alastair Atcheson | 02 May 2017
  • Pond – The Weather
Album title: The Weather
Artist: POND
Label: Marathon Artists
Release date: 5 May

Psychedelic princelings Pond are back with their most conventionally named album yet – but don’t let that fool you. Cosmic and colourful, The Weather is an evocative testament to not giving a shit. With production handled by musical compatriot and Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker, Pond draw on everything at their disposal with exciting – even chaotic – results.

Screeching fuzz guitars jostle with kitschy pop falsettos and gurgling sawtooth synths on an album that, despite getting messy, is always focused in a sort of deliberate confusion. Imagine what the Stranger Things soundtrack would have sounded like if the kids stopped playing Dungeons & Dragons and dropped acid instead. 

The Weather is Pond at their most daring – and most sardonic. Whether it's the cheerful prospect of nuclear holocaust on explosive opener 30000 Megatons or the dwindling romance of someone past their prime on Sweep Me Off My Feet (‘Between my penis and my chin is Camenbert and shame/I used to be elegantly thin, I’m sorry babe, we both missed that train’), Pond reflect on a troubled and tumultuous existence with tongues firmly in their cheeks. Hopefully their pleas for Armageddon don’t come any time soon, even if it’s just so we can listen to them a little while longer.  

Listen to: Sweep Me Off My Feet, Paint Me Silver, A/B

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